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CCTV Quad Processors

  • Color Dual Quad Processor with 8 BNC Inputs
    High Resolution Color Dual Quad Processor allows display of up to 8 cameras by splitting them in to 2 pages of 4 cameras in a grid on one single monitor screen. This unit has 8 BNC video inputs and 1 BNC video output on the back of the unit. It also comes with control buttons located on the unit, and a remote control that can be used from up to...
  • Dual Page Color Quad-Freeze,Zoom,OSD,Alarm REMOTE CONTROL-NO LOOP
    Features: Connect upto 4/8 cameras. High resolution. 720x480 Various Display Modes Quad Split Mode Full Screen Mode PIP Screen Mode 1 PIP Screen Mode 2 PIP Screen Mode Auto Sequence Mode High Performance Freeze Function Flick free image captured ...

  • Popular Brands

    • Security Cameras CCTV
    • Lorex
    • Vivotek
    • ACTi
    • GE
    • Samsung
    • Arecont
    • Nuvico
    • Net Media
    • Mace