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DVR Surveillance Cameras

  • Alarm Clock Camera
    This is our newest creation in hidden alarm clock cameras. This plain looking alarm clock can capture over 40 days of high quality video when set on motion-activated record mode. Best of all no one will know that they are being recorded. This easy to use, covert DVR system is ideal for monitoring your office, nanny, employees and valuables. Just...
  • Camcorder Sunglasses
    For hands free recording use the Camcorder Sunglasses! These stylish sunglasses have a built in camera and DVR with micro switch controls right at your finger tips. This unique camcorder system will view and record what the user sees. Use in any application to record video i.e. sporting events, concerts, school programs or kids ball games...
  • Car Camera Self Recorder
    Record the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic directly from your dashboard. Supply evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement if needed. Installation is so easy you will be monitoring the vehicle in minutes. Secure the cradle to the dashboard and place the main recording unit inside the cradle, set the camera recording direction...
  • DVR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera, Slow Shutter Sees in Very Low Light
    Folks this DVR smoke detector camera is the best solution for places where you want to put a hidden camera and record video without running wires. We suggest this smoke detector hidden camera over using a wireless spy camera with DVR in another room because it is cheaper for applications where you need only one camera, gives the highest resolution...
    $350.00 $329.99
  • Flash Light DVR Camera
    Hidden inside this Flash Light is a color CMOS camera and DVR with 2GB of built in memory, what better way to capture video in the dark! Completely self contained with an internal rechargeable battery, this functional flash light is easy to use. Charge it up and push the button to begin recording, to view the recorded video attach the flashlight...
  • Hidden Clock Radio with Infrared and DVR
    Just because the lights go out doesn't mean your camera can't capture all the action! Our Hidden Camera in this Clock Radio allows you to see in the dark! This revolutionary hidden camera can see up to 20-30 feet in complete darkness thanks to the built-in infrared LEDs. The camera in this clock comes with a shockingly high resolution of 520TVL...
    $649.00 $599.00
  • Hidden DVR Camera - Tissue Box
    It looks like a black tissue box but is it? This Tissue Box DVR Camera is an all-inclusive recording device in a simple tissue box no pinholes or wires to give it away. The enclosed DVR and camera become invisible as the Tissue box blends into the background. Inside this ordinary looking tissue box is actually a motion activated camera, with a...
    $499.00 $449.00
  • Key Chain Camera and DVR
    This new innovative design is just the thing for instant and easy covert video and still shots anywhere you go because the high resolution camera and DVR are built right into the key chain. With one button recording or high resolution snap shots, the covert vibration lets you know you have your video! Fast and simple USB connection makes...
  • Mini Cam Stick with 4GB Memory
    Introducing the World's Smallest Camcorder! The built-in CMOS camera records both video and still images. With the ability to record video at 640x480 resolution at 29 frames per second, or images at 1280x960 resolution, this miniature design is perfect for recording anything and everything. The built-in rechargeable battery records up to 190...
  • Mini Camcorder PRO
    The DVR80 has a unique metal housing in a ultra small design. It can be used in many recording situations such as network video, family entertainment, business meetings, outdoor sports, personal and home security evidence collection for the novice and professional. Packed inside this small rugged DVR is a color CMOS camera with high resolution 640...
  • New and Improved SleuthGear Recluse
    New and improved SleuthGear Recluse now has a higher recording resolution (1280x720), higher camera resolution, and more memory and weather resistant for expanded applications. Now with 2 camera positions for optimal recording, and capability to record in extremely low light. Inside this ordinary black box is actually a motion activated camera...
  • Self Contained Outdoor Camera with Recorder - Electric Box with Motion Sensor
    The convenience of a battery-powered camera, without the typical short battery-life constraints! Our new XtremeLife camera features the longest-life battery on the market, allowing for up to ONE YEAR of operation on a single battery charge. This achieved because the processor operates in "sleep mode" until motion is detected, when the camera flips...
    $699.99 $649.99
  • Slim Pen Recorder
    This slim easy to use pen voice recorder is packed full of features, long record time, easy to use, USB download and a rechargeable battery. When looking for a slim voice recorder to help store all kinds of important files, such as lectures or meetings, the pen works too. Specifications: Automatic Recording Level Control Rechargeable Battery...

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