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Audio Surveillance

  • Bionic Ear and Booster Set
    Amplify faint or distant sounds with our Bionic Ear and Booster Set. Listen by pointing the unit in the direction of sounds up to 100 yards away. The set comes with a 12" parabolic dish and has a recorder out put jack to record the sounds picked up by the Bionic Ear. Specifications: Frequency response of 100-10KHz Gain amp cut off at 90dB...
  • Detect Ear
    Listen to sounds up to 300 yards away with the pinpoint accuracy of the Detect Ear. The Detect Ear provides high performance with the most advanced audio circuitry and a 20" snap together parabolic dish. Specifications: 6 panel snap together parabolic dish Advanced electronic circuitry 3 band equalizer Out put jack for tape recording...
  • Portable Noise Generator
    The PNG-200 is designed as a portable acoustic noise-generating unit that can be used in a variety of ways. The noise generating circuitry has been optimized for voiceband noise masking against listening devices and is designed to reduce the effectiveness of eavesdropping devices such as microphones and tape recorders. When multiple units are...
  • Super Ear
    The Super Ear is a Complete Personal Sound Amplifier System that can be used indoors or out. This unit can be used for nature and bird watching, sporting events, lectures and meetings. Specifications: Sound boom that swivels 180 degrees Protective foam wind screen Can be mounted directly to binoculars Attaches to pocket or belt...
  • USB Flashdrive/Voice Recorder
    This tiny USB flash drive is also a voice recorder. This may very well be the smallest and most easy to use voice recorder you will ever use! Simple functions 1 switch to turn it on or off. No software to install. No cables or batteries to worry about! Small, portable and easy to use at a great price. This tiny device can be used to capture voice...
  • Wireless Microphone Set
    When a sound transmission needs to be recorded use our convenient plug and play wireless microphone set with recording device. Specifications: Transmitter: Frequency: F1 171.105MHz-F2 171.905Mhz FM band +/-2KHz maximum deviation DC 3V power Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) Power switch Channel selector switch LED power...

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